Hawksmoor from inside the Shopping Centre

Christchurh through a glass roof

Here's another view of the Hawksmoor. This time from inside a rather soulless covered market that has been tacked onto the old Spitalfields Market as a sop to those of us who hate the redevelopment of the market. I really like the way The City has modernised in recent years and love a lot of the new buildings there. But it is a real shame to see it crossing over Bishopsgate and starting to encroach on the old East End. I guess that's progress, of which I am almost always in favour. But the area around Spitalfields had successfully retained an exciting and lawless feel with a very transient immigrant population over many centuries. Now it seems to be succumbing to a mixture of blandness and trendiness. I'm rarely one for going on about how things used to be but this is one case where I'm happy to make an exception. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN 3 Gallery

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