A Cluster of towers at Canary Wharf

Towers at Canary Wharf

To be honest Canary Wharf doesn't really do a lot for me. I think it is a bit of an opportunity missed. Good high rise architecture in London has been stifled by obsessional national heritage types whinging about the view of St Pauls. Canary Wharf though was given a free reign - so they put up a bunch of boxes! There is a second wave of development underway there now with some more architecturally interesting projects like the Columbus and Peninsula towers. These don't compare in style though to some of the stuff now going on in the City like the forthcoming London Bridge 'Shard of Glass'. But watch out, now that Mayor Ken has finally seen off National Heritage I have read that UNESCO are next on the warpath worrying that the Tower of London is being endangered by the surrounding skyscrapers - as my kids would say - get a life! Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN Gallery

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