County Hall at night

County Hall and flags

No longer the seat of London government - that is now down the river at City Hall - this bombastic building opposite parliament these days contains a hotel, art gallery, amusement arcade and so on. Until it was abolished in the mid 80s this was the home of the Greater London Council - led for its last few confrontational years by Ken Livingstone, very affectionately known as Red Ken (and now back in business as our mayor). Instead of flying the flags of all nations there used to be a banner here showing the number of unemployed in London. I was there on the day of abolition when Ken threw a big party in and around the building, culminating I remember in a bit of fairly good natured looting. Rumour had it on the day that the festivities would end with Ken walking on water over the Thames to parliament - but I don't remember seeing that bit. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN Gallery

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