Highgate Cemetery Circle of Lebanon

Hammer Horror location

The Circle of Lebanon sunken pathway providing access to the tombs in Highgate Cemetery and named after the a vast Lebanon Cyprus that grows at ground level in the centre of the circle. Once a favourite location for Hammer House of Horror after being left to decay for years, Highgate Cemetery is now being preserved by a local voluntary society. The cemetery is in two halves divided by Swains Lane. The part with Karl Marx's tomb is open to wander around freely. The other, more interesting side, can only be accessed now as part of a guided tour - which take place most afternoons throughout the summer. The tour guides have a marvellous fund of stories about the larger than life Victorian entrepreneurs, scientists and others who are buried here - showing you, for example, tombs that were built specifically to obscure the views of other tombs. The Victorians clearly had a rather different attitude to death as it was a regular pass time of the well to do to picnic on the tombs of their loved ones. These picnics were grand affairs complete with tables, chairs, servants and spectacular views over London - it really must have been quite a sight. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN 3 Gallery

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