Sunset from Hungerford Bridge

Sun setting behind Hungerford Bridge

While we might sometimes accuse the Victorians of having a certain tendency to go over the top with their architecture, we usually tend to think that most really dreadful architectural vandalism was committed in the 20th Century. The original Hungerford railway bridge across The Thames though was an exceptional eyesore, plonked down in the middle many revered Victorian buildings - like the Houses of Parliament. It just goes to show that money has always talked in London. Anyway, Hungerford Bridge lasted as a shocking blot on the landscape right up until the Millennium when somebody had the bright idea of hiding it by building pedestrian bridges on either side of it. The idea worked brilliantly and what now appears to be a fine modern bridge is actually made up of three separate bridges side by side. Even back in its hideous days there were always very fine views to be had from the bridge - being the best vantage point from which the bridge couldn't spoil the view. Now with the suspension cables and lights of the new bridges the view is even better. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN 3 Gallery

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