Ceiling in Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris

Click for a larger version of Lafayette ceiling

I spent a couple of days in Paris recently with my brother and took no end of photographs, not one of which seemed worth keeping. Cities don't get much more photogenic than Paris and yet it is strange sometimes that you just can't get a decent shot that hasn't been taken a million times before. I liked this one of the roof of the Galleries Lafayette department store. One of the problems with photography is that you really need to be on your own as it is such a bore for anybody else to hang around while you repeatedly try to get the same shot right. Paris, of course, is a city to be enjoyed with a companion (preferably a lover) but, I will just have to bite the bullet, and take the Eurostar for a weekend on my own as I would love to get some worthwhile shots of a little French style (what is it?). Go to Next Image or Previous Image or The Mix Gallery

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