Aerial View in the Nevada Desert

Click for a larger version of the Nevada Desert view

Back in late 2002 I wangled myself a trip a Las Vegas for no really good reason other than I thought it would be worth seeing. I thought it was a dreadful place. Gambling is about the only vice I have never managed to take seriously so I suppose I was left a bit cold by the main attraction. A big relationship had just come to an end and, all in all, I was in a pretty bleak mood. Having survived Las Vegas for a few days I thought I'd better put my expenses to good use and took a helicopter trip out into the desert to the Grand Canyon. After the awfulness of Las Vegas, and of course in its own right, a truly awesome sight - probably the only tourist attraction/wonder of the world type sight that, for me, has ever fully lived up to and even exceeded expectations. After seeing this place I could forgive Las Vegas and nearly forgive my ex. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or The Mix Gallery

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