Millenium Spire in Dublin - 'The Spike'

Click for a larger version of the Stiletto in the ghetto

Well, this one is just impossible to photograph. I embarrassed my kids, who were with me that day, by lying down on the ground in the middle of a busy shopping street to try to get the full height of the spire into the shot. Not unsuccessful I would say. When I heard about this I thought it was a rather silly idea but, in fact, I really like its lack of functionality and sheer aspirational quality. The spire replaces Nelson's Pillar (an analogue of the Column in London) which was blown up by the IRA in the 1960s. I remember at the time being very impressed by their ingenuity. My understanding of how you bombed something was derived from comics about WWII and I assumed they had flown a plane over Dublin and managed to drop a bomb directly onto to the pillar right in the centre of the city. Having been impressed by the Dam Busters I thought this was altogether more clever. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or The Mix Gallery

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