A Metropolitan Line Train

Metropolitan Line train and station

One last train. I have always been fond of the Metropolitan Line for a few reasons. My first long-term girlfriend in London lived way out at the end of the line so it has some nice, if a little vague (and probably entirely invesnted), memories. Then there are the Betjeman associations and, of course, the great Victorian buccaneering spirit with which it was built. The Metropolitan was the first underground railway in the world and there are some great stories of the early days as rivals such as the District Line came on the scene and literally fought for dominance - sabotage, deliberate derailments - you name it. But there is something more to the Metropolitan than all that. It has a rather stately air, very unlike other Tube lines. It is both of London and not. The overground trains are very clearly visitors to the city never penetrating beyond the ring of stations around the centre. They drop their cargo and retreat to the country. The Metropolitan, on the other hand, while behaving much like an overground service (I believe it adheres to a timetable) for much of its route actually plunges down into the Underground when it gets to London. It always brightens up my day ever so slightly when, waiting on the northern side of the Circle Line, a Metropolitan train comes along rather than a Cirlce or Hammersmith & City. Just for a few stops you can, if you want, feel a little buzz of the rather fantastic history of the Underground. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN 3 Gallery

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