Conor Unimpressed by New York

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I remember one time as a child, a bit younger than my son Conor in this picture, when my father took me one night to a restaurant in central Dublin. I was blown away by an animated neon sign that depicted a sausage being tossed from one fork to another - I'm pretty sure the advert was for 'Denny's Sausages'. Thirty odd years later and I take my, then eleven year old, son to New York. Was he impressed? Well judge for yourself - here we are in Times Square. A few days earlier we had visited the Kennedy Space Centre and what is left of my ten year old self was in seventh heaven. Conor indulged me! Here are my favourite few lines on indifference,

While I was laying on the green,
A little book it chanced I seen;
'Carlyle's Essay On Burns', was named the edition:
I left it laying in the same position. (Anon, 19th C)

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