Flowers and Sunshine on Sloane Square

Flowers on Peter Jones, Sloane Square

I like this image of the side of Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square both for the delightful colour and because Peter Jones has a special (if rather ambiguous) place in my heart - being the place where I found my first full-time job after arriving in London. I'm sure it's different these days, but back then working in a shop in one of the more upmarket parts of London was a pretty miserable experience. The customers on the whole were truly horrible. Peter Jones as a part of the John Lewis Partnership was a profoundly strange place - 'here is partnership on the scale of modern industry'. I have been back there once or twice and to my horror recognised one or two faces from my time there - approaching 30 years ago. I thought - there but for the grace of God (or Allah or whoever)... Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN Gallery

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