West London Goods Yard Trains

Goods Yard Trains

Yet more trains! What am I, obsessed or something? Well, I suppose I must be a bit, though I have only realised it when assembling these pictures. London, though really is a railway city, there is a huge web of railway tracks overground and underground covering the whole city and extending out into the surrounding country. But, unbelievably, the various systems are not integrated. What a transport system we would have if they were. I don't drive so this subject is close to my heart. You can get pretty much anywhere in London by train but you have to be a pretty good detective to manage it. Wandering around you constantly come across lines that you didn't know were there and I have never seen a map that includes them all. The big mistake was made when the huge mish mash of services was taken into public ownership at the end of the Second World War. London Underground took responsibility for the underground lines while the government, through British Rail, looked after the overground lines - and the two were never integrated. Only now are the first steps being taken with a common ticketing system and the mysterious North London Line being handed over the London Transport or whatever it is now called. Go to Next Image or Previous Image or LDN 3 Gallery

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